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Episode 14, "Italians Don't Bow"

In this episode, we go over all the news of the past week, and discuss the manga/anime "Gunslinger Girl". Hope you enjoy and join us next week when we finally discuss the anime "Baka and Test".

Links below if you want to follow along, but if you listen to the AAC version, the links will be embedded directly into the file so you can follow along without having to keep your browser open the whole time.

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- Scary-ass video from Anonymous
- S'more
- We fucked up the explanation
- Gunslinger Girl Omnibus (1-3)

AniManga Podcast Episode 14 MP3


Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime Light Novel Review

Review written by Jammer

Age Rating: 15+
Writer: Mizuki Nomura
Illustrator: Miho Takeoka

Konoha Inoue is something of a prodigy.  Two years ago in middle school, he wrote a bestselling...under a female pseudonym.  Over time, the pressures of the whole thing put him over the edge and Konoha put down his pen, refusing never to write again.  Fast-forward to today.  He's a second year high-schooler, and a member of the Seijoh Academy book club, where he spends his after-school hours writing writing short stories for Tohko Amano, the club president (and the only other member).  But she doesn't read these stories, she...eats them.  She's what's known as a "book girl," which is someone who eats the pages of books, and the better the story the better the flavor.  

The entire reason for the club's existence is for Tohko to get fresh stories to eat, and she'll go to any measure to get them.  So when a girl comes into the club desperately seeking a love letter to give to a boy she likes, Tohko volunteers Konoha for the job without hesitation.  The only condition being that the girl writes up a detailed report afterward.  A report chock full of emotion and passion is bound to taste delicious, after all.  However, this seemingly innocent mission takes a turn for the weird when it turns out that the boy Konoha has been writing to for thig girl doesn't even exist.  And thus begins an intriguing mystery in this strong introduction to the Book Girl series.

Light novels have been a huge part of my reading diet as of late.  They're short, fast-paced, easy to read, and full of personality.  Book Girl is no exception, and I'd say it even has the potential to become one of my favorite series.  From the introduction of Konoha's back story, Tohko's crazy book-eating secret, and the ever-developing mystery, this book had me flying through the pages (I finished the book in one sitting, and I haven't done that to a book in years).  

Konoha is an endearing protagonist.  He's been broken before, but despite all the drama of the past, he finds himself continuing to do what he was truly meant to do: write.  Even better than that, he's smart, curious, and he always pushes the plot forward.  Tohko was also a pleasant surprise for me.  In a story like this, it is very easy for the "strange girl" character to fall into one-dimensional territory...usually in the sense of being overwhelmingly selfish and self-involved.  And while she is somewhat selfish, I never got the feeling that she didn't care about Konoha.  On the contrary, at more than one point, she sacrifices her own well-being on behalf of Konoha's without a second thought, creating a nice two-way relationship between the two.

The story, however exciting it is, has its problems.  I feel like the number of insane characters in a story should be limited to one or two, but in this one, I got the feeling that almost everyone in the story was either a loose cannon, a suicidal train wreck, or a lovesick homicidal nut job.  And there were instances in the book where I had to ask myself..."um....shouldn't these people, oh I don't know...be locked up?"  Not to spoil anything, but It was a bit much for me to believe that certain characters could go back to their daily lives after what is revealed.  I think I understand why the author may have done it (pacing issues, or maybe he just didn't want to send a mixed message), but it didn't quite sit well with me.

All the same, I would gladly give up the four hours it took me to read this book again.  It had me completely entranced the whole way through.  It set up a nice little premise that didn't overshadow the plot of this single volume, and like a good television show, I can see a great number of stories spawning from this.  It even had the courtesy to set up possible love triangles that could be important somewhere down the line, so I'm anxious to see what becomes of that.  

Keep 'em coming Yen Press, I'm hungry for more.

Rating: 8.5/10

Pros: fast-pace, great characters, solid premise with enough hanging threads to make you want volume 2

Cons: Some lapses in logic, some characters shouldn't have gotten away with what they did...