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Jammer's AniMovie Podcast 26: Magic Freakin' Circle!

In today's episode of Jammer's AniMovie Podcast, I am joined by my co-host Dominic (Pwngoatjunkie) and Doctor from the SSAA Podcast.  We talk about the series Negima, harem anime, annoyances, loves, hates, and other stuff we feel like.  We go through the whole series, so if you haven't seen it, and care about some spoilage, do not listen.

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Magic Freakin' Circle!:

English Blooper Outtakes:

Show Notes:

00:00 Part 1

29:52 SSAA Podcast Promo

30:44 Part 2

Jammer's AniMovie Podcast 26 MP3


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Part 1 Anime Review

Review written by Dominic

Fullmetal Alchemist is a great series, and Brotherhood really gives anime fans the series they should have gotten from the beginning. The original Fullmetal Alchemist anime premiered in 2003, and started out great, but as manga fans know, quickly went in a completely different direction, and to some it was ok, but to most it wasn’t. Now I’m not going to complain about the original series as I am a fan of that one, and treat it as its own universe. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a remake but this time the story is going to follow the manga all the way through.

Fullmetal Alchemist is a story about two young boys, Edward and Alphonse Elric that live in a world where alchemy is prevalent as a science. Alchemy in this world is described as taking one object and changing its shape or form into something else. When their mother falls violently ill and dies, the boys commit the cardinal sin of Alchemy: Human Transmutation. Human Transmutation is pretty much using alchemy to attempt to resurrect a person back from the dead. This experiment results in Ed losing his leg and Al losing his entire body. In an attempt to get his brother back, Ed binds Al’s soul to a suit of armor, thus sacrificing his right arm. To gain their original bodies back, Ed becomes a state alchemist and sets out on a journey to find the Philosopher’s Stone, which is said to be able to grant the user the ability to perform alchemy like never before. Unfortunately the government has plans of their own, and a shady group of villains called “Humunculi” are also after the stone.

The first thirteen episodes are included in this set and plays catch up with the original anime series before it went its own path. Any fans of the first series will probably feel bored with this set since these episodes were already covered in the first series, but there are minor differences with the series of events which for some reason just feel so much better paced than the original series. Thankfully Funimation was able to get a lot of the same voice talent to reprise their roles in this series. Vic Mignogna is still a great Ed, Travis Willingham is back as Colonel Mustang, Christopher Sabat is Major Armstrong, and Sonny Strait returns as Major Hughes. Only two characters voices were changed: Maxey Whitehead took over the role of Alphonse from Aaron Dismuke, and J. Michael Tatum took over the role of Scar from Dameon Clarke.

On the DVD/Blu-Ray side of things I am happy to say that Funimation did their job with this set. Not only is the animation wonderful(both DVD/Blu-Ray) but we get a couple commentaries from the actors on this set. Episode 1 has a commentary with Mike Mcfarland(Havoc), Colleen Clinkenbeard(Hawkeye), Travis Willingham(Roy Mustang), and Maxey Whitehead(Al). Episode 10 has Caitlin Glass (Winry), Sonny Strait(Hughes), and Laura Bailey (Lust). Both commentaries offer a nice glimpse into a different side of the production process and entertain to no end. We also get some trailers and textless openings and endings.

This set is a great start to the series and should please both fans of the old series and newcomers who have yet to enjoy Fullmetal Alchemist. Unfortunately the last episode of this set ends right where the series starts to get really exciting and into unseen territory. When Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Part 2 comes out which it already has then maybe both sides will be happy.

Rating: 8.5/10

Pros: It’s Fullmetal Alchemist, ‘Nuff Said!!

Cons: Repeat of the original series, Ends right as it’s getting good


My Bride is a Mermaid, Part 2 Anime Review

Review written by Dominic

I already told this story in my review of the last box set, but just in case you need a refresher here we go. Nagasumi Michisio is a normal everyday middle school kid who is saved by a mermaid while drowning in the Seto Inland Sea. To save his life and Sun’s he agrees to marry her thus starting his new life back at home with his “bride”. For the rest of the synopsis refer to my earlier review.

This set is my personal favorite out of the two and rightly so, as the majority of the characters have been introduced and fleshed out in the last set. Right from the get-go the comedy hits hard and fast. The first episode of the set has to do with Nagasumi realizing that the merfolk have an extreme fear of cats, including kittens. Nagasumi uses this to frighten everyone who would normally give him trouble, especially Sun’s father, the worst of these offenders. What follows is a hilarious set of events which had me laughing for a long while.

Only one more character of interest is added to this set by the name of Akeno Shiranui. She is a samurai mermaid who helps conduct the “mermaid exam” which is used to confirm if a mermaid/merman is doing their part of being concealed to the human race. Akeno is more of a quiet character, but her involvement in the series is part of an actual ongoing “plot” between a shadowy character to break up Sun and Nagasumi. Like I said before it’s a “plot” because it’s very subtle and in the background which leaves the series to have more fun and comedic moments. Of course this will all wrap in the last two episodes which might have to be the best ones of the series by far, at least animation quality wise.

Now onto the box set part of this review: What we get here is pretty much a little of the same that we got along with the last set. We get the normal 2 disc box with the thin disc covers that Funimation seems to like to give out nowadays. I’m not complaining because it’s nice and doesn’t take up a whole lot of space on my bookcase. The only issue I do have with this set is that on the Special Features side of things there really isn’t any to speak of: only the normal trailers that we’re used to seeing and the textless songs. As we’re on the subject of the songs, the second ending (which is my fav) got completely botched up. Instead of the normal moving that should be going on, we’re instead treated to a single frame that slowly pans out with the music playing. When Funimation was asked about this, they stated that there was an error with the file they received from the Japanese studio.  Lame.

As much as I would have liked to see a little more in the features department, I can’t complain because this series has come out very quickly unlike other series (FMA, DBZ Kai). All in all, I’m glad I bought this series and would completely recommend it to others.

Rating: 8/10

Pros: What we had last time and more!!

Cons: Low on the Special Features, ending song credits


Jammer's AniMovie Podcast 25: Exorcising is Healthy!

On this episode of Jammer's AniMovie Podcast, Matt Sullivan and I get into some film news and then discuss, at great length, The Last Exorcism, the surprisingly well-made horror movie from Lions Gate.

To subscribe on iTunes to the podcast, click the podcast logo at top of the PODCAST PAGE. To just download the AAC file, click the link at the bottom of THE PODCAST POST. To download the MP3, click the link at the bottom of THIS POST.

Show Notes:

00:00 Opening

01:09 News

08:30 Movie of the Week: The Last Exorcism

36:17 Closing


NEXT TIME: We discuss the anime Negima!   God I hate harem anime...why did I decide to do this?

Jammer's AniMovie Podcast 25 MP3


Jammer's AniMovie Podcast 24: The Jammys

On today's episode me, my co-host Pwngoatjunkie, Matt Sullivan, and guest Mikey D Pirate discuss and recap this summer in movies. 

Did it suck?  Was it awesome?  If you can't form your own opinion, take a listen!  We each give our own opinion on the best and worst of the summer, and the summer as a whole. 

 To subscribe on iTunes to the podcast, click the podcast logo at top of the PODCAST PAGE. To just download the AAC file, click the link at the bottom of THE PODCAST POST. To download the MP3, click the link at the bottom of THIS POST.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 Intro

00:02:02 The Jammys

01:02:21 Close

Jammer's AniMovie Podcast 24 MP3